Getting Started with Verida

Build the future of Web3 with privacy preserving data.
Check out our Getting Started guide to explore the Verida Network.

Watch a Demo Video

A 5 minute video showcasing a variety of Verida’s technical capabilities:

Single Sign On
Encrypted Personal Data
Decentralized Messaging
Send / Receive Data

Multi-chain support

Manage multiple blockchain wallets alongside your decentralized identity

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Install the Verida Vault

The Verida Vault is a mobile application for end users that provides private key management and a user friendly interface for interacting with the Verida network. The Verida Vault is now available to download from the iOS app store and is currently in Developer Preview.
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Try our Demo Applications

Markdown Editor

The Verida Markdown Notes Demo is a Decentralized Note App which integrates with the Verida Datastore library and Verida Vault allowing users to save encrypted notes to their database. Explore the Markdown Editor.

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Credential Issuer

A demonstration app showing how credentials are issued and sent to a person  across the Verida Network. Issue a credential on the Verida network.

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Join the Verida Partner Network

Explore the Verida Network

Verida Network Account Explorer

This is a new application designed to show the public profile of any user on the Verida Network.View accounts in the Verida Network Account Explorer.

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Crypto Wallet (Testnet)

The Verida Vault supports Ethereum, Algorand and NEAR tokens.  Send cryptocurrency to your Verida Vault (testnet) wallet.

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Verida Account

Manage your Verida Accounts and update your Verida Public Profile in the Verida Vault

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Verida Rewards

coming soon

Gain XP learning about web3 and exploring the Verida ecosystem

Explore More Verida Guides

Verida Solutions for Developers

Build powerful multi-chain web3 applications with private data, storage and identity.


Verida Vault

A self-custody mobile application to easily manage decentralized identity, personal data, crypto and Web3 apps

Verida Consent

A user-centric consent based framework for identity, access management and data sharing

Verida Message

Decentralized multi-chain messaging infrastructure

Verida Connect

A QR code based multi-chain single sign-on framework to unlock off chain data and crypto



Verida Identity

A multi-chain decentralized identity and services framework

Verida DbStore

Decentralized private off-chain data storage infrastructure


A fast, secure Web3 data network

Real Database

With indexes, queries and structured data

Data Storage

That is private and regulatory compliant

Incredibly FAST

With Web2 performance

High Security

With authorization + encryption by design

Easy Sign-On

QR code based SSO for crypto wallet + data connectivity


Multi-chain decentralized messaging


Token rewards for developers and end users


Built on decentralized identity standards

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Build on the Verida Network

Verida Resources

Verida provides a collection of open source libraries for application developers
to easily build secure decentralized Web3 applications

Developer Resources

Community Channels