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Verida enables this future with:

Unlocking Data

An accessible technology solution that can increase access to user data for application developers, government and industry.

User Owned Data

Actively experimenting with new, more agile, ways of generating standards to push forward technology consensus around data ownership and identity.


Utilizing existing global standards, while providing a framework for data schemas to maximize interoperability across applications and industries.

Privacy First Business Models

Enable new, privacy preserving, business models for innovative companies to challenge the current “centralised” incumbents.

Use Cases

The possibilities are endless, with solutions for dApp developers, enterprises and governments.

Manage credentials

Take control of your digital identity. Receive and securely share your personal credentials with verified third parties.

DAO Governance Voting and Alerts

Receive notification of important governance events for tokens and easily record your vote.

Single Sign On

A superior sign-in experience for decentralized applications built on the Verida network with built in anti-phishing protections.

Sync your Data

Secure, consensual sharing and synchronization of your personal duty with verified third parties. Receive and share your health data with health professionals.

Pay via QR code

Easily pay trusted businesses and friends using stable coins by scanning a QR code.

COVID checkin

Secure, anonymous data storage and messaging enable large scale solutions that protect citizen's privacy. Perfect for COVID checking and contact tracing use cases.

Personalized Experiences

Selectively share anonymous, private personal profiles with verified businesses to receive a hyper-personalized experience tailored to you.

Verida Framework

A collection of open source libraries for application developers to easily build secure decentralized applications.

Builders Toolkit

Build a Web3 application where users own their data, identity and can perform blockchain transactions
Connection SDK
An open source implementation of a Verida network client providing encrypted storage, identity, messaging and schemas capabilities.
Single Sign On
A decentralized single sign on client and server SDK that enables seamless QR code authentication via the Verida Vault mobile application.
Blockchain Transactions
Easily support users making transactions across multiple blockchains and across all platforms (desktop web, mobile web, mobile apps) with a simple, easy to use interface.

Personalize Toolkit

Create a personalized experience for visitors to a website or physical store
QR code query SDK
Enable websites or online stores to create personalized experiences for visitors by consensually querying a users private data.

Works at offline locations and supports sending post-engagement personalized messages.
Personal Data Oracle SDK
Allows users to easily authorize sending signed data to the blockchain, effectively acting as a personal data oracle.

Also supports users authorizing transactions across any blockchain supported by the network and sending users digital receipts for stable coin payments.

API Connectors Toolkit

Connection Framework
This toolkit provides a library of tools to help developers build API connectors that pull data from centralized systems, normalize the data into common schemas and store it in the users personal data Vault.
Earn by Building Connectors
During the launch phase of the Verida network, developers can register their API connector and earn token rewards once their implementation has been verified by the Verida core team.

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