Take control of your personal data

Manage your crypto, encrypted personal data and zero knowledge credentials with the Verida Wallet.
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ethereum logoPolygon logoNEAR logoAlgorand logoPolygon ID logoChecqdreclaim logo
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Finclusive logoGatekeeper logoVeramo logoW3C logoDIF logoWallet Connect
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Polygon ID in the Verida Wallet

Verida launches the first mobile crypto wallet supporting zero-knowledge credentials issued through Polygon ID.
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Create decentralized identities, manage your private keys and take control of your digital world.
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Public identity address
Decentralized Username
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Crypto & NFT Wallet

A multi-chain wallet with NFTs and SBT badges.
Perform transactions and manage crypto on multiple blockchains.
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What Our Partners Say

“Verida’s seamless user experience is essential to create self-sovereign trusted identities and we are very excited to have them in our ecosystem.”

Sebastian's portrait

Sebastian Rodriguez

VP of Product, Polygon ID

“We’re excited to support the Verida team as they add more NEAR features to their excellent product. Ease of use and low switching costs are key to mainstream Web3 adoption, so it’s exciting that the Verida Wallet will soon make DIDs and messaging available to NEAR users on mobile.”

Illia's porttrait

Illia Polosukhin

Co-Founder, NEAR

“The integration of Verida’s decentralised identity storage wallet with the cheqd network offers a compelling vision of ‘Not your keys, not your identity’. People’s digital selves should be in their control, and this includes being able to store their credentials outside of the control of Big Tech providers. We’re proud of the collaboration and technical excellence of the Verida team in offering users an option that is truly in their control.”

Ankur's portrait

Ankur Banerjee

CTO and Co-Founder, cheqd

“We’re delighted to team up with Verida in our shared vision to enhance private data verification. Our technology, designed to offer secure and private authentication through cryptography technologies, complements Verida’s commitment to privacy and decentralization. Together, we aim to redefine user experience in the digital space, where privacy and trust is not a choice but a standard.”

Bing's avatar

Bing Jiang

Tech Lead, zkPass

“Our alliance with Verida will help individuals to own their highly sensitive data and preserve the privacy of it. The enhanced solution this collaboration offers will set the bar high and pave the way for more enhanced identity solutions.”

Kurt's portrait

Kurt Nielsen

President of the Board, Partisia Blockchain

“Expanding our partnership with Verida with the support of cheqd is very exciting as we work to build a ‘consortia’ of partners. Together, we are enabling a globally transportable KYC/KYB verifiable credential that streamlines essential compliance processes and brings needed privacy controls and efficiencies in both traditional and decentralized financial services.”

Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma

Founder and CEO, FinClusive

“We’re delighted to team up with Verida in our shared quest to make web2 identity data composable. With our technology to bridge web2 data to web3 coupled with Verida’s commitment to privacy and data, we can’t wait to unlock unlimited opportunities”

Madhavan Malolan avatar

Madhavan Malolan

CEO & Co-founder, Reclaim

“Verida’s KYC solution streamlines the process for our users and lifts the burden of manual checks from our compliance team. This partnership not only enhances user experience but also empowers us to confidently expand our DeFi fragmentation solution into new markets, knowing we have a robust and compliant KYC infrastructure in place.”

Eitan Katz

CEO, Kima
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Receive, store and share verifiable credentials across multiple identity networks. Bridge your credentials to applications and blockchains.
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Credentials illustration
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Single Sign On

QR code authentication for a seamless user experience. Simple authentication and anti-phishing architecture provides applications with secure access to your blockchain wallet and encrypted data.
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Watch a Demo Video

A 3 minute video showcasing Verida Wallet capabilities
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Manage public profiles for your decentralized identities that showcase your crypto wallets, NFTs and links to your verified web2 accounts.
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Encrypted messaging between decentralized identities. Approve data requests, accept incoming data and receive notifications from your favorite web3 applications.
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Personal Data

Take ownership of your web2 data, store encrypted in a secure data vault. Control access to your data and provide permission to web3 applications.
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