The private data network for Web3

A multi-chain protocol for interoperable database storage and messaging built on decentralized identity.
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Unlock Data for Web3

The missing bridge between Web2 and Web3. Enable the next wave of high performance self-sovereign applications

Web3 apps need REAL decentralized databases

Developers need to store, index & query, structured data in a decentralized way

Web3 apps need private data storage

Public storage networks aren’t suitable for private chat messages, health data and other PII

Secure data storage needs authorization

Public storage networks cannot provide high data privacy assurances

Verida Solutions

Build powerful multi-chain web3 applications with private data storage and identity.


Verida Vault

A self-custody mobile application to easily manage decentralized identity, personal data, crypto and Web3 apps

Verida Consent

A user-centric consent based framework for identity, access management and data sharing

Verida Message

Decentralized multi-chain messaging infrastructure

Verida Connect

A QR code based multi-chain single sign-on framework to unlock off chain data and crypto



Verida Identity

A multi-chain decentralized identity and services framework

Verida DbStore

Decentralized private off-chain data storage infrastructure


A fast, secure Web3 data network

Real Database

With indexes, queries and structured data

Data Storage

That is private and regulatory compliant

Incredibly FAST

With Web2 performance

High Security

With authorization + encryption by design

Easy Sign-On

QR code based SSO for crypto wallet + data connectivity


Multi-chain decentralized messaging


Token rewards for developers and end users


Built on decentralized identity standards


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