Take control of your personal data

The Verida Vault is a mobile application for end users that provides private key management and a user friendly interface for interacting with the Verida network.
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Verida Vault

A digital wallet to manage your decentralized identity and personal data to easily access a growing community of user-centric applications.


Create new blockchain wallets, manage private keys, create a decentralized identity and facilitate single sign on across an ecosystem of decentralized applications.

User Data

The Verida Vault ensures you own and control your personal data. Browse your encrypted data and apply a set of delegated permissions when consensually sharing it with other users and services.


A secure data inbox built into the Verida Vault that allows you to safely transfer messages and data to other users or third-party services.


Manage your decentralized public profile and consensually share private profiles with third parties.

Single Sign On

A superior sign-in experience with simple authentication and anti-phishing architecture securing your access to decentralized applications developed on the Verida network.

Tokens and Transactions

Earn incentives in the form of Verida token rewards by using the Verida network. Perform  transactions and manage crypto on your favourite blockchains.

Get ready to take control of your personal data with the Verida Data Vault.