Supercharge your NEAR application with Verida

“We’re excited to support the Verida team as they add more NEAR features to their excellent product. Ease of use and low switching costs are key to mainstream Web3 adoption, so it’s exciting that the Verida Vault will soon make DIDs and messaging available to NEAR users on mobile.”

Illia Polosukhin
Co-Founder - NEAR
Get started with the Verida Vault

Build powerful web3 applications on NEAR with private data storage and identity

Verida Vault

A self-custody mobile application to easily manage decentralized identity, personal data, crypto and Web3 apps

Verida Identity

A multi-chain decentralized identity and services framework

Verida DbStore

Decentralized private off-chain data storage infrastructure

Verida Connect

A QR code based multi-chain single sign-on framework to unlock off chain data and crypto

Verida Message

Decentralized multi-chain messaging infrastructure

Verida Concent

A user-centric consent based framework for identity, access management and data sharing


Watch a Demo Video

A 5 minute video showcasing a variety of Verida’s technical capabilities with an example of WalletConnect with NEAR.

Verida brings decentralized identity, storage and messaging to NEAR

Unlocking personal data to transform everyday life and improve the world for all, is no small mission. By aligning with partners who share our self-sovereign ideals, we can get there faster...

Benefit from building on a fast, secure Web3 data network

Real Database

With indexes, queries and structured data

Data Storage

That is private and regulatory compliant

Incredibly FAST

With Web2 performance

High Security

With authorization + encryption by design

Easy Sign-On

QR code based SSO for crypto wallet + data connectivity


Multi-chain decentralized messaging


Token rewards for developers and end users


Built on decentralized identity standards


Install the Verida Vault

The Verida Vault is a mobile application for end users that provides private key management and a user friendly interface for interacting with the Verida network. The Verida Vault is now available to download from the iOS app store and is currently in Developer Preview.
Two smartphones with app screens

Developer Resources

Verida provides a collection of open source libraries for application developers
to easily build secure decentralized Web3 applications