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dApp developers and DeFi projects

Verida provides a “personal data API” that unlocks off-chain data for exciting new on-chain use cases:
Onboard new users with their personal data from other centralized platforms
Oracle for personal data that can be used on-chain for use cases such as under-collateralized crypto loans
Decentralized single sign on with anti-phishing
Secure off-chain storage of personal data
Simple, intuitive user interface for blockchain transactions


Verida enables better health outcomes for patients and providers. Giving patients their health data unlocks many exciting new use cases:
Patients can access hyper-personalized healthcare powered by AI/ML
Real time rewards for patients that engage with treatment
Secure, consensual discovery of candidates for clinical trials based on medical history
Secure messaging and follow up processes for patients
Credentialing for healthcare professionals
Stable coin payment and reimbursement for healthcare services

We are partnering with leading startups, innovators and established companies to make this future a reality.

Connected Cities

Verida creates greater trust between citizens and cities. Create a citizen first experience and provide digital infrastructure that can be utilized by government, business and individuals alike.
Digitally store and present personal credentials (drivers license, passport)
Use secure, anti-phishing authentication to access services online, in person and over the phone
Consensual data collection from citizens
Universal digital signature solution
Unlock digital receipts, rewards programs, personalized experiences and more!

A personalized future

The emergence of hyper-personalized websites and applications will create new business models where ownership and benefits are realised by the community. Let’s briefly peer into this future world enabled by Verida:
Personalized news discovers new content based on your personal information
Preventative health suggestions based on your healthcare data, powered by AI trained on large anonymous datasets
Suggestions of new products based on your personal interests, hobbies and search history
Personalized career guidance expert that helps you progress through your career

Metaverse + Gaming

Verida enables personal data privacy and interoperability for the Metaverse
Enable decentralized private player data
Support private in game assets that can be shared and sold
Data schema architecture to enable portability and interoperability of player data
Real time decentralized cross application messaging
Multi-chain and multi-asset support for all players to enable flexible economic models
Connect off-chain game activity to on-chain rewards


Verifiable Credentials bring self-sovereignty to your identity. Build digital attestations about yourself to access products and services in the form of Verifiable Credentials which involve a credential issuer, holder and verifier.  Common use cases of credentials include:
KYC credentials that can be privately shared with a bank
KYC/AML credentials that can be shared with a regulatory compliant DeFi protocol
Government issued COVID-19 vaccination credentials
Credit score credentials enabling access to banking services from a financial organisation
Certified Verida Developer credentials to certify competence in the Verida framework

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